Watching The World Differently

Watching the world differently
Thankful for life’s perpetual energy
Because some days
They are better than other days
When those infrequent days
Take over my entire being
And I’m on the brink
Of losing every bit of sanity
If only, If only, If only
There was a cure we could see

Watching the world differently
Those words hurt more than life
That diagnosis threatening my wife
Slowly but surely it progresses
It is almost an endless process
Left wondering what is next
Isn’t this enough to bear
Now I start to notice the loss of hair
The hair loss is everywhere
I wish there was just a cure somewhere

Watching the world differently
Appreciating every single opportunity
Because just at the mere thought
That I almost lost her
That single thought changed my entire life
Couldn’t imagine my own life
If I would have lost my own wife
Every single day I treat differently
Loving her to a relentless extent
Just hoping a cure is eminent