That Voice

It does something to me

When you receptive to that thing

When you really feeling me

When you make me feel like the king

When we all alone, just you and me

When I feel your warmth on everything

That voice gives me energy

It’s like my mind stay day dreaming

When I see you, I’m blessed

When I know you close, i’m beaming

When I am without you, I’m stressed

When I see you back, I’m gleaming

When I love you, I’m possessed

That voice got me scheming

It got me plotting on the low

Where you at, I need to know

Where can I meet you, tryna flow

Where we hooking up, I’m tryna go

Where will we be in 16 more years, can we grow

Where will our skin meet, got the aloe

That voice got me, tryna be that bul

Perplexed your confidence

Feeling your science

Straight up compliance

No more speech defiance

Me and you is that reliance

That voice got me holding you down with prominence