*th Floor

Thinking back to that continental day
Easy evening, I was lobster Mac n Cheesin
Celebrating being brown with success
Only thing bonding these strangers
Embroidering this newness
On that the 4th floor

Random connections, 19th floor
Knew what I was looking for
Vividly remembering spectator warnings
Not understanding given what I was feeling
Struck through intelligence
Loving this passionate conversationalist

Entering and exiting in the lobby
What you doing here, same as you
Chance to relate in an unfamiliar place
Coordinated elevator on the 9th floor
Breaking bread, wall down, safety
Constantly translating input to truth

Uniquely critiquing the source on the 17th floor
Unsatisfied with the ending result
Unraveling past discretions
Unbreakable confidant
Unselfishly providing dreams
Unabated proving Gods mercy



Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved