Anything I want


Tongues are slick.   They can tell the truth or start on that bullshit.  Letting shit slip, being’s outward inner voice.  But the choice and placement of a word  can make a whole world heard.   Now you in the shit  cause that tongue promised me anything I want.

Eyes are mirrors.  Only showing a limited view of shit you already seen.  Then comes this unknown thang inspiring to my ears, writing my words I’m struggling to hear.  I need to see that thing that got my head fucked up.  Now you know you gotta give it up cause I can have anything I want.

Ears are cruel.  Selectively receiving things that selfishly make everything cool.   You know the shit you say ain’t right. Like that shit you said the other night.  Teasing me with soliloquies acting like you right up the street.   But if you was about that shit.  Bout that life.  You would be here RIGHT now giving me anything I want.

Skin is the tool.   Making my mind understand what my heart does feel. The swing of emotion, swaying away from devotion.  Yet every morning and every night them fingers still be texting.  But it’s like you afraid of this shit right here, and I can’t understand what’s real. Cause you PROMISED me anything I want.


Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved