Here, here NOW

Why, Why must it, why, must it be this way. I m too old to play this game. You know my name. You can feel it when you scream it. But still not together, it’s hot as hell yet I still want us to be physically bonded together.

Now, right now, now, please feel this. This frequency can you feel it. I pushing out Giga Hertz so hard that it hurts. I need you to feel this thought. Can’t you feel it, and believe it, why aren’t you here to see it. From my vortex, the complexity of this power, I need you here, at this hour.

Here, here now, here, waiting, anticipating, dreaming, believing, feeling, wishing, praying, reaching, longing, starving, wanting, loving, missing, needing for you, right here, here now.

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