Look into your eyes

Into your eyesII (1)
It’s like Im watching, intently seeing you
Like we’ve been together for a long time
Like you’ve had enough for a long time
Now you making plans, that just involves you

Suitcase out, clothes folded, nothing left
Not even taking everything with you,
Not even keeping the words I sent you
My heart is aching like there’s been a theft

You just got here, things were clear,
Now I hear in your voice, there’s no choice
Now I hear in your tone, you already gone
And I don’t know what to do, just shed this tear

Phones ring, no answer, text sent, no response
Matter of a minute it’s a different real
Matter of time, before I feel
That anxiety, of you and me, planned out perfectly

Our situation, didn’t realize, it’s about compromise
Can you sense it, you by my side, it’s suppose to be,
Can you understand, I was created to be your man.
I know I can fix it, just let me look into your eyes.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved