Give it to me

Give it to me
Sun rising through the clouds
It feels so loud
Hiding my eyes
From this beautiful sunshine
Don’t even know the time
Deep breathing
Crisp air is relieving
It’s purity
Fueling me

Fueling me
With all its energy
Metaphorically transcendent
Rising up the mountain high
Objectively choosing steps
Going for the highest high
Blindly following faith
Stand ready and braced
Guiding me without a trace

Guiding with without a trace
Thanking god for his grace
From this precious seed
Did I survive, destined to survive
Seeing so many fall
It’s why I’m here standing tall
In the prudence of hope
On the last rope

On the last rope
Speak with conviction
Winning wasn’t my intention
Just the evidence of ascension
Cannot remember every step
Put every effort into every step
Now I’m at the end of this
Six feet under all of it