Left Me Hollow

Left Hollow
Each day feels more draining
That negativity holding onto me
Is easier to release
Whenever it is raining
Staring into a cloudy sky
Life graciously passing me by
The nerve of me
Introducing children to this
My only sanity
I know they will see a future
My eyes will never see
All of the uncertainty
Difficult to follow
Left me hollow

Keeping the same song on repeat
Not for entertainment
Just need it for consistency
That nagging feeling
Seeing everything come to reality
That I have always been feeling
Although I have seen people
Hurrying about
Until those shots rang out
Dead bodies falling
Unbraced to the ground
Seen people struggling
Just to get free
In all those other deaths
I never saw me
What happened to that man
Somehow became an Apollo
Left me hollow

Frozen in this fraction of time
Lack the capacity and the tools
To just unwind
To just empty everything in me
To just breathe in a succinct fashion
Ironically traumatized with each breath
Yet I am the one still able to breathe
Yet leaving in a state of desperate misery
Yet knowing it ain’t all about me
Being supportive of the seeds development
Watching with pride without any hesitation
Doing my best not to interfere
Cause the reality is very clear
I couldn’t fix not one bit of it
I can say I tried, but did I really
Claim to be willing to do a lot things
But I still have that slave name
Still haven’t given every sacrifice
Still here waiting for someone else
This emptiness is hard to swallow
Left me hollow

Then I look up to my surprise
The eldest seed is leading things
Barely old enough to drive
But easily enters situations
Without a fear for himself
The constant protector
With a gentle touch
Without those seeds
I would be lost in this world
The guilt leaving me
That I brought them into this world
Knowing that their achievements
Will far surpass my own
I will be able to leave this Earth in peace
With the gratitude
That I will leave completely empty
As they take over and excel
Where I had no remedy
Their galvanizing aptitudes
So easy to follow
Left me hollow