Fist Raised High

Fist Raised High
Fist raised high
The current solidarity
Beyond anything
I have ever seen
People that look like me
People that don’t
Standing for a remedy
There is so much
That I want for us
But on this Juneteenth
I just need opportunity

I just need opportunity
One day to walk free
Void of the anticipation
That law enforcement
Will execute my death penalty
While I’m just jogging home
While I’m just sleeping in a car
While I’m just tryna to relax
While I’m playing in a park
While I’m just leaving a store
While I’m just earning a living
Expecting me to be of peace
While you have consistently
And constantly
Badger me

Badger me
Since I was but a youth
Catch and release
Was such a common truth
Maintaining superiority
Every step was planned
Generational perpetuating
The psychology of slavery
Within a walk of fence in sight
Each and every night

Each and every night
The fury yet builds
No longer have anxiety
An expectation of being killed
Watching you intently
Following in the rear view
Maintaining my speed succinctly
I know how you do

I know how you do
Lights start to flash
No siren is needed
I seen you on my ass
Turn on the blinkers
Turn on every car light
Keyfob on the dashboard
All windows rolled down
Only answered what is asked
Respond to every command
Speak clear and concisely
Avoid all ambiguity
Gun still drawn
Approaching my blind spot
Any movement
And I’m shot
Pressure is immense
However the saddest part
It’s routine
Accepting the bullshit citation
I know I’m clean

I know I’m clean
Still treated instantly
Like I’m actively
Committing a crime
With all these years of school
With all this knowledge I was given
I’m more insulted
That if I did a crime
You think that you’d catch me
I’m on a different type of power move
Influence the influencers
Controlling their next moves
All done openly at midday
Standing tall
With the world before me
Freedom is coming
One day, finally
Fist raised high