Excites Me

Even your 😍 excites me
Doesn’t matter what it is, I love feeling your energy
Looking deep into all that you are
Creating realities when you are too far
It’s all I can do to be with you
I’d do anything just to be with you
Creating foreign rendezvous
Anticipation of seeing you

Even your hello excites me
I hear your hey, frustration melts away
How are you feeling?
How can I help you achieve success?
How can I be there if you in that mess?
Is there anything you need from me?
How can I fulfill your desires?
When can I light that fire?

Even your aroma excites me
Taking in a deep breath
Exhaling everything I have left
Do you believe in inevitability
Or do you just know you were meant for me
Hoping you can briefly understand
I will continually be your greatest fan

Even your melody excites me
Hear your voice and I drop to one knee
Gently proposing one thing
That you’ll allow me to be your everything
Your sunrise in the morning
Your nourishment when you’re empty
That everything fulfilling your destiny