Heard It

Heard it said
A few times
That it was better
Without a father
No one to disappoint you
No one to live up to
Started to believe it
It was a way through it
But this hole in me
It says something different

Heard it mentioned
I have a good life
Not associated with
Any negative statistics
Fluid opportunities
To be whatever I wanna be
Travel endlessly
It’s like saying I am filled
But never had anything to eat
Things are different for me

Heard it discussed
I am blessed
God’s valiant of soldiers
Endured hardships
Never would have imagine this
If I acted on the hate would I remiss
Just imagined thoughts
Trying to end these feelings
Like imagining what you see of me
Means that I am happy

Heard it trivialized
Do you need a specific gender in your life?
Isn’t love enough to conquer bounds?
Is happiness only culminated by opposites?
Individually we can achieve anything.
Success is only a plateau to the beginning.
I readily get all that theory
But only two people created ME
One I know and love
The other left me empty