Words are used
In compelling moods
Leveraged to exaggerate
Solidifying circumstances
But I’m digging deeper
That context is what I’m after
Not a formality
When I use it
That word friend
Seldom use it
Friendship that eternal bond.

Friendship’s severe requirements
it’s a self reflection
Who you claiming to be
When I needed you
You was nowhere
Don’t call me a friend
Just say that’s some dude
Cause when shit go down
Cannot depend on you
If hell is hot
Earth is nuclear catastrophe
You only a friend when you are in need

Growing up with friends
How many of us have them
Even back then only knew of
1 or 2 that would be down
Five finger discount
Creeping around their back door
Ain’t too many you can
Rely on from the door
When someone want to leave
I have learned to let them go
A few unreturned phones calls
That’s it for me, gotta go
No need to look back
No need to offend
Wasn’t really a friend

The truth is not told
Outta the mouths of witnesses
It’s in the actions of the participants
If there is anything I can do
And lose you, you was never here
Not sure why you bothered
Cause I’ve always been solo
Since I lost my father
I use to loss, breath rejection
No longer wasting time on reflection
Move on. Move up
True friendship I trust.