Remembering that kiss
That sweet smile
Before and after it
Sometimes I literally forget
Cause it’s rare
When we do the things lovers do
I appreciate this friendship
This thing between me and you

Remembering instances of intimacy
Damn I miss when it was always
Just you and me
When the day was literally so empty
The biggest commitment was
Filled with TV
No deadlines
Just you and me

Remembering each time
Like the first time
I be starving for you
Grinding my heart away
Just to stay away from you
And I never know how it’ll go
When I approach you
Just tryna keep it, me and you

Remembering this commitment is forever
Hard to accept a minute
Don’t make a world of difference
Cause when I missing you
I lose all other interest
Only thing that matters
This sincere sentiment
Of you and me

Remembering you just got here
Now you gone again
Deeply missing my lover friend
Stuck wondering what it is
What is it that I’m missing
That level of comfort when I see you
That satisfaction of life without a fear
That eternity of me and you