Don’t Know

Don’t know how you got here
But I am so glad that you are here
Just from a single opportunity
You are helping me to see
And now I see abundantly
Like I was blind but now I see
Watching God work through you
Feels so good to me

Don’t know why you are here
But I don’t need to know
Just need to maintain God’s loving grace
Believing adamantly God has you in this space
Closing each eye
Following faithfully
Approaching everything God has planned
Triumphantly in this holy land

Don’t know why you make time
Grateful for every moment
Thankful for every connection
That connects me to that future place
Don’t know what steps I need to take
Removing every self created barrier
Just at your request installed Tic Toc
Releasing every blessing cannot be blocked

Don’t know why you do what you do
I am so thankful for you
Whether you are busy or resting
You still making time to help me
Even your slightest encouragement
Amplified by God’s will
Creating traction on God’s plan
Persevering with all my will