I Got Dreams

I got dreams of waking up with you

Reminded of our love when I see your picture

Everyone asking what’s wrong

Everything is perfect

But only cause I’m right next to you

And whenever we marinate

After a beautiful date

It’s like this euphoria comes over me

And it’s only you that I can see

I got dreams of living life with you

As we steadily encourage each other

It is simply hard to explain

The feeling that I feel

Even when a stranger calls your name

This is just how it is

And how I hope it will always be

When I open my eyes and get to see

All that beautiful magic just for me

I got dreams of raising seeds with you

Constantly praying for them

And won’t ever lower the love I got for them

Nurturing with a harsh word

Or building with a deep embrace

Everything they need I stand in this space

Helping them identify their dreams

Watching the stars rise is all I need

The thought brings a tear to my eye

I got dreams of steadily maturing with you

I know I ain’t perfect but I’ll always be with you

I know I have fallacies but I still believe

Believing in every single ideology

Every single ideology that strengthens your destiny

Your destiny that I am just a small piece of

A small piece of happiness but I know

I know I can be more than just a piece

Let me be your peace, that loves love.