Should Be Sleeping

I should be sleeping

But my mind won’t rest

Keep replaying today

Our conversation from today

Wondering how you feeling

How are you dealing

Cause some days

My heart hurts

When I know

The whole day will pass

And I won’t see that ass

I should be sleeping

But I still have stuff on my mind

Need to get this out

Truth please set me free

Please allow her to see

That I’m in love

With her love

Loving that love

That she gives relentlessly

Without judgement

Without cruelty

Purely love

Sweet destiny

I should be sleeping

But I need you to listen

I would give it all up

Every day

The most joyous day

The happiest week

The longest night

Milestone after milestone

I would give it all up

For a chance to rewind time

To tell you this from the beginning

To tell you you are the shit

And I fucked Up

And missed it.

I should be sleeping

But I’m here trying to live

But it’s different when

You have to fight to live

When you ain’t enjoying life

You are just a part of life

Incomplete, unfocused

Transverse time as if there is time

Awaiting the end, because the past passed

Seeing that parallel timeline

Plotting intricate plots

Plotting to jump to that line

That line where we are together

Talking shit

Blending shit

Rolling shit

Smoking shit