I wish

I wish I could make you smile

Even for a small while

While you take a break

From this reality

And just enable you

To touch Peace

Feel the earth

With heavens grace

Wishing you the best

In every case

I wish all your dreams true

Beyond the fantasy of you

Truly true happiness in all you do

Showing the release

That pain holding you

Like I can see it grab you

And nothing I can do

Watching, listening, paralyzing

All this, just keep trying

I wish with God’s grace

You can see that place

That place created for you

God’s gift to you

Enjoying life, grateful, prayerful

Loving to breathe freshness of air

Living free, God isn’t fair

Painless life is not guaranteed

Its really the balance of things

Yet to be

I wish with all I hold dear

If I could whisper in your ear

I’d give this one thing to you

All the love I could fathom come true

Regardless of what we’ve been through

Striving to prove love for you

Manifested in friendship

Forged through faith

Do whatever it takes