This Talisman

Speak the words

Like you know me

Remind me of who I am

Especially those solemn days

That anticipation of death

That keeps me lonely

Allow me to let go of everything

Except this Talisman

Recite it clearly

The words that are etched in

Their intent pure of innate ability

Suggesting momentarily

I am more than what I am feeling

I sigh in the deepest relief

Although I can recite the words

I am not whole without this Talisman

Meditating abruptly

Arms no longer reaching to the heavens

Strength lacking in every breath

Everyone amplifying you are now in heaven

Yet I’m left here wondering

Under the sounds of the thundering

Rain hiding my emotion

Losing faith in this Talisman

Listening to sounds never uttered

You are just stories

Past down to me hereditarily

And I am meant to believe fully

I dare not question not a single belief

Enduring every mental illness while you forever sleep

Praying for an eternity

Through this Talisman

Hearing moments of peace

Everyone else down on their knees

Reading the same words

That I am meant to believe

As if each word would restore you

As if words would resuscitate you

Contemplating living without you

Laying this Talisman next to you