These Songs


No I feel them

Can remember them

More than anything I’ve ever seen

Hear this thing in my dreams

Somehow speak for me

In some way they feel me

These songs

It’s on or off

They muse me

Even bring me from my own despair

Remind me that I am the creator

Creating this thought I’m holding on to

Creating this feeling about you

Creating this pain when I’m around you

Powerful harmony

These songs

The original high

Powerful enough to lead soldiers to die

Soothing enough ease a baby’s cry

Proportionally voices increase strength

Harmoniously instruments increase potency

But that lone sound,

that touches me

Wake from death

Create new life

These songs


I get jazzed up

Silently the blues comfort me

The rhythm & blues can’t Pop me

But The rhythm & poetry rock me

Only feel one country

But that feeling of the religious and folk

It somehow was electronic

Whether vocal or instrumental

these songs.