Remember our first real talk

Grand illusions of the future

Talking like this and that would happen

Spent hours just rapping

Learning, creating and growing dreams

Saw those things every night in my sleep

For some reason it never become reality

Remember how we use to do everything

Didn’t matter just took one ring

Wherever you were it was like gravity

I just needed you next to me

We went on and on for months

Didn’t always have to talk

Loved you and me in the dark.

Remember that first time

Missing you so hard after that trip

Was so hard with that first kiss

Something happened and I knew

I never ever wanted to be without you

Everyday was something new

Just cause it was with you

Remember those crazy missions

It was like complete submission

Surprised we kept our occupations

Cause we were always together

There was nothing better than TV all day

Chinese for lunch and dinner

I’d do anything for you