You Can Interrupt

You can interrupt my sleep

After I’ve been awake for 24 hours

I would still stay up

Talking to you

Until my final hour

Deeply listening

Every single word

Feeling it’s meaning

You explaining your day

Each opportunity

Each circumstance

And I know I’m blessed

Just having a chance

In your presence

Is my greatest peace

You can interrupt my day

In any given way

I will be right here

We can meet up anywhere

Even just to walk

Down to the ocean edge

Enjoying that subtle breeze

Caressing our intertwined hands

Hearing the waves

Approaching from foreign lands

The sky glowing just for us

Walking toward the setting sun

For some the day is ending

For us the day just begun

Just rejoicing on this day

You can interrupt my meetings

I’ll exclaim feverishly

There is some type of emergency

Even if the only emergency

Is you just need to talk to me

We talking about anything

Just random things

Ain’t even about the conversation

It’s the moods that we relate to

It’s the frequency

That got me into you

Just vibe on different sounds

Intently listening

Cause I know your meaning

Based on your sound

You can interrupt it all

Whether it’s a text or a call

Nothing else takes precedent

Aligned with your effervescence

So when you feeling it

I’m feeling it

So when you happy

I’m ecstatic

When you frustrated

I’m causing static

Encouraging every move you make

To me, You can make no mistake

So I just keep pushing you

Until I finally see

That smile just for me