I See You …. Say Less

I see you
And I must admit
This is all some Ol’ selfish shit
I have separation anxiety
From people that I love
Eventually abandoned me
I’ve learned to never say goodbye
Just allow time
To work in time
This was the first time
I missed an opportunity I wanted
To say good-bye
Because I know In reality
You were coaching and supporting me
Appreciating every warm and gentle Hi
And I will miss you
As if I could give you a Good bye
And if I could have said good-bye
I would have shared
That I am proud of you
You spoke change into existence
Now your are living in that blessing
Say Less

I see you
Wanting the best for EVERYBODY
The desire is SO HIGH
It draws on your every emotion
It is not confusion or an illusion
The MDs may diagnose it differently
Listen to me…
You have that vision
You can visibly feel
What’s inside of every single body
It is natural
It is your God giving ability
Putting your guard down
Just so that we can feel more comfortable
Your tears lead to my tears
Even momentarily
You want US
To see in US
What YOU
already see in US
You are a beautiful energy
Say Less

I see you
When you speak
I see your aura moving
Fluctuating effortlessly
Elating in natural movement
Limited only by your own limitations
The world will soon see a day
Classically elevating
Pirouetting simultaneously glowing
Allowing everything in you
To flow through you
The confidence of a mountain in a storm
The gentleness of a feather when it’s warm
Strength gliding through unknown scenes
It is the real you
Say Less

I see you
I read all the accolades
But didn’t realize who you were
Creating environments out of ether
Encapsulating what was once a whisper
Inspiring different thoughts
Welcoming silent pain
Enabling strangers to release misguided beliefs
I don’t know how you saw us
I could never fathom this situation
Magically maintaining our collective energy
Strategically pausing to allow growth
Intimately showing us our true worth
We are blessed to have you in our life
And When you said
You pray for us
I couldn’t hold the tears anymore
Say Less

I see you
Barley knew you
But I realized when you said hello
We were suddenly family
As your sheer essence is one of love
Embracing each one of us
Accepting, even from a physical distance
Every bit of feedback you’ve accepted
And even better
You did something with it
You are a protector instinctively
You care intrinsically
Giving of yourself limitlessly
Yet I wonder what we can do
If we could possibly feed into you
Giving daily as you breathe
Your energy is your generosity
Say Less

I see you
Walking firmly, confidently with humility
Understanding your history
For better or worse
You are destined for victory
Seeing the lose in your eyes
It comes as no surprise
The talisman reminding you
Of every struggle you’ve been through
It’s still one day more
Than he was allowed to endure
I hope that you can walk
More than just in the shadow of men
You were created to be more
Than just a son, brother, uncle and friend
Say Less

I see you
The real you
Filled with all kinds of energy
Mirror reflecting more than imagery
I can feel you
Bursting out of me
Yet I limit you
It’s what I was told to do
Get a good job
And a family too
Do what’s practical
But remain sensible
I can no longer subdue
The real you
Say Less