To You

Back and forth

Wondering wildly

Mind can’t imagine

What you meant to me

Truth be told

Everything is different now

Nothing really changed

Just never knew

Who I was to you?

Night and day

Pondering slowly

Cannot even fathom

This destined mystery

Yet I see it in your face

every move you make

Not a single one with me

Now I know you

Who was I to you?

Triumph and disaster

Contemplating randomly

Strange images filling me

Releasing your positivity

Every story told

Your heart stay glowing

True love you been showing

Has this always been you

Was I anything to you?

Remember and forget

Thinking briefly

Doing my best to forget

Every innocuous memory

Sorely mistaken

Recalling the past

Opened too many doors

Overly trusted you

Was I ever like that to you?