If I Could

If I could express this excitement

This discipline that I lack

Cannot control the inapt feeling

You sitting there talking

I feel every single word

And while you’re speaking

I send you my word

Mouthing my emotion

Hoping that cameras capture energy

And you feel this emotion

If I could utter the phrase

Without scaring you away

Something to let you know

I need you with me

And since that first day

When I knew you believed me

I knew within me

I’d never let you

Hate to even conceive

One day you’ll leave

If I could speculate momentarily

Do you have any feelings for me

Is there anything you see

That you truly long to see

Is this just another imaginary thing

I know my day dreams are a real thing

I cannot create something

Where there is nothing

And believe in it fully

Is that how you see me

If I could share this with you

Just need that good morning

That hello text from you

Fueling my burning desire

Remember that song

You light my entire fire

There is something

That belief you have in me

That something that

It gives me victory