It’s Like

It’s like everything ….went dark. 

Whether my eyes are open or closed.

Nothing I can feel. 

It’s like nothing exist anymore.

The miles never caused me this much distance. 

Because I could always feel you in an instance. 

It’s like ….life keeps moving on.  

I am where I always was. 

You are climbing the endless mountain of opportunity.

I encourage every step,

But this was the first day I realized my feet haven’t moved not one step.

It’s like ….time and space were just a phone call away. 

I can feel your peace and sure bliss. 

But I’m not there enjoying that, and that’s a painful moment, cause we are bonded mentally, Although we are separated physically.

It’s like ….I’m seeing other people and thinking about you.  

Is that you under that shaded tree? 

If I left right now, how long it take to get to you?

When I arrive would it be you?

Or, Is that my imagination taken over me?