Whenever I can feel

I can really feel you

It’s like I go back in time

To when I could

Really feel you

And I get lost in your skin tone

And we get in this groove

Like ain’t nobody home.

Whenever I can feel

It’s like all I have left

Is the very air that we breathe

Knowing that air is all connected

I need to imagine this air

It keeps us connected

Holding in every breath of you

Like I have nothing left

Whenever I can feel you

And I look in your eyes

See that tongue out

Or them lips poked out

Makes me regret every time wasted

Worried about who and the what

All I need to know is the when to win

Get excited just from your image

Whenever I can feel you

I Always remember the last interaction

Even if the last interaction wasn’t perfection

Just a moment in time

As if it never existed

But I still you walking down them steps

I still feel that hug

That’s all I have left