Butta Fly Kiss You

Seeing you for the first time

Damn near lost my mind

Instantly I wanted to just

Just Butta Fly Kiss you

Names are just formality

What does it even matter?

Do I need to call you anything?

Would it change how you feeling me?

Knowing you looking at me, look at you, look at me

Room key in hand

You tryna see me?

Without delay we in the elevator

I’m already elevating

Not trying to wait until later

Pulling your butt to me

You bending over naturally

Ain’t nothing but a thong on

It would be nothing to slide in

Hit that stop button

So I can just, slide in

But we can’t even get into

What we need to get into

I’m saying

Can I Butta Fly Kiss you?

Before the door close all the way

You already made your way

Stepping out onto the balcony

Clothes completely gone

Faster than I can clearly see

You just standing there

Leaning on that glass door

Waiting for me

I just admire your body

I’m trying to get in

You asking me to slow down

First I need to go down

Without hesitation

Letting this butterfly kiss you

Begging logic to leave me

So I can eat in peace

Butterfly kissing it

Eskimo kissing it

French kissing it

Gently licking it

Honoring that clit precisely

Feeling your reactions

Subtle movements fucking with me

Forgetting I was on a journey

Forgot why I am even here

Focused on getting you there

As you quickly sit in that chair

Legs starting to quiver

Feeling your hands

On the back on my head

Pulling me in deeper

You arching your back

I’m totally off track

Can’t even get a breath in

Struggling to breathe

Knowing you almost there

You begging me

While I gasping for air

Out of breath I jumped up



Realized I woke up



Like What the Fuck!