Who is that?

In every conversation

You keep adding in

Using different references

I assume it’s to set boundaries

But it’s that word friend

That shit has deeper meaning

And if it is

What I think you mean

It’s better to call me

Your acquaintance

Who is that?

Because when you in need

Texting, calling and claiming anything

If this was limited by words

I wouldn’t give you not one word

Then they start saying brother

Yeah it’s that other

What’s so strange to me

I never talked to you differently

Never showed a bit is interest

With your acquaintance

Who is that?

If you want to call me anything

Call me by my name

Or speak like into me

Speak in higher terms

Speak in a higher plane

If all you can do

Is tell me what I am

What benefit is here

When I give you no hesitance

I’m not your acquaintance

Who is that?

Love me or leave me alone

That’s the only song I own

There is nothing surreal

This is how I truly feel

With every bit of time I have left

Without a bit of struggle

I give all I have left

Reserving every bit of energy

For those that are really friends

Not just an acquaintance