Microphone Check 1…2 1….2

Microphone Check …. 1,2…. 1,2

Because I know I’m buggin out

You are not my responsibility

Yet somehow I still wanna think

That that should be me

Even with all the obstacles

So many layers of filtering

Refusing to think

That no matter what

Things will always be the same

Microphone Check … 1,2…. 1,2

Just to avoid a narrow path

Ask “How are you feeling?”

From the unique things you’re experiencing

It’s the one thing that’s appealing

Avoiding a predetermined outcome

Yet I still wonder what’ll be the outcome

Am I wanting more for you

Than you want for yourself

Or am I just avoiding myself

Microphone Check … 1,2 ….. 1,2

Trying my best to go all out

Whenever the phone does your ping

My entire being starts to change

Intrigued at whatever you are saying

Already lacing up just in case

Kissing my seeds goodbye, just in case

But the case never ever goes that way

Not even sure what I am missing

Never even had a taste

The possibility of a coupled empire

Consistently maintains all my desire

Microphone Check … 1,2…. 1,2

Not the best.  Not the worst

But I do what I can

Limited by past beliefs

Yet found this new sense of sanity

Requiring a reconciliation periodically

Desperate to breathe without your energy

Living in this rule based world

Struggling to create a synergy

Counting the years since the first scene

Cannot recall every outfit

But I remember every time

Your mentality touched me

“Mic please”