Everything Is Perfect

Everything is perfectly O.K.

I just woke up in a different way

The zeal of conquering the world

It somehow just went away

And I was just lying here

Feeling nothing here

So I just jumped up

As if I was running away

Nowhere to even run to

Everything already prefabricated

There is no opportunity

On this entire earth

For anything new

It is …..  O.K.

Everything is perfectly fine

Because I am always right on time

I mean if something were wrong

I would be offline

Unable to connect in real-time

I Stop wearing watches

Because they just revealed too much

Daring me to fulfill my destiny

Everything was just too much

It was easier to watch the sun

It rises and it sets and it is effortless

Slowly changing scenes but never moving

It already knows it’s destiny

It is…. fine

Everything is perfectly acceptable

But everything is not digestible

Being around crowds is uncomfortable

All of that energy with no purpose

Satisfied with being entertained

While people die from misinformation

While we seek more ways to be entertained

It is our only real satisfaction

In fact we spend most of our time

Talking about being entertained all the time

Seeing the crowds I want to lead them

Show them the meaning of principle

But the sin of not helping your neighbor

It is ….. acceptable

Everything is perfectly perfect

Matter is neither created nor destroyed

People are they way they are

Changing them will only lead to

Changing them that are willing to change

While those that need changing

They will keep doing the same Ol thing

There is nothing here but life and death

If you are half-way blessed

Someone will mourn your last breath

But if you do life properly

Strangers will mourn your life’s breath

Realizing that only through death

Can we find peace while we Rest

It is …. perfect