Wondering indefinitely

What is it

What I could do individually

Emotionally I am with you

Physically Im fiendish

Not even sure if it’s mutual

I do know this for sure

Sitting idly

There is nothing to this

But damn

Then my mind starts thinking….

Wondering prospectively

What did I do wrong

Unfortunately I loves wrong

For so long

Cannot erase a single bit of it

Forced to accept and live with it

Yet now when I look at you

Regret starts to set in

There is nothing I can do

Just be with what it is

Or be gone, that’s it….

Wondering sporadically

Would the sun rise differently

If our lives were entangled

Would the moon stay full

When our hands intertwined

Thinking about future scenes

Forecasting smiles in the universe

Clearly things could get worse

None of that matters right now

Enjoying every minute

Lost in each second….

Wondering fanatically

Ignoring every step I took

It’s easier to pretend

That I am so innocent

I know it’s unrealistic

Unreasonable to believe that

But it’s still the principle

I made mistakes

They are easy to make

The world is different

On these hidden dates