thirty days of poetic license 2020

Muse Me
PM 30 Apr – Muse Me
Muse me move me
With one word I’m absolutely changed
Start writing randomly tied things
Writing and writing … damn if I could sing

Muse me move me
Now that thought is thinking
Imaging differences that individualize
Thinking. I’m thinking. Writing

Muse me move me
Be that “THAT” that always does its thing
That thing making my mind an infinite thing
That “THAT” that makes me love again

Biggest Fan
AM 30 Apr – Biggest Fan
Your biggest fan
Here I am
Nothing will distract me
From helping you see
Your potential, abundantly
So I am here just screaming
Your biggest fan

I see you, Even from a distance,
admire you with a subtle glance,
I’m out in the day light cheering
Quietly at night praying
That you have all you need
To fulfill your fantasy

Some days you hang your head low
Blindly staring out that window
Contemplating missed opportunity
Slowly sinking mentally
No need to worry
No need to care
if you need me I’m right here

There is so much to be proud of
It’s not in vain, you’ve given everything
Blessings at the threshold
Everything was for a reason. Soon.
It will be time for you to enjoy
the season.

PM 29 Apr – Vision
The vision to see beyond my dreams
Random thoughts instantly appearing
Joyous laughter in the deepest pit of fear
Seeing an entire life in one idea.

The vision to believe past circumstances
Living for future realizations
Finding harmony throughout the turmoil
Viewing this world in just one peace.

The vision more than imagined
Being in the midst of elaborate fantasy
Guiding each breathe to reach elation
Awakening innate power of success

AM 29 Apr – Since
Since the first time
Because I loved you
Before I even told you
Elevated high
You was my white line
Needed to need you
Fucked up all day
Until I saw you

Since that first day
Eyeing you out
Didn’t know your name
Indirect acquaintance
Looking at fingers
Are you tied yet?
Nothing but the raw view
Knew I had to see you

Since that first meal
Randomly rapping
But it felt really real
Like I knew the feelings
You was speaking about
Lost hesitancy
Begging to see you
Just knew it was you

Since that first night
My god til the sunlight
Words you were speaking
Reminisce every weekend
From that one single day
Loving in every kind of way
Blessed with you
Come home so I can see you

PM 28 Apr – 2
Serving one
But loving 2
stay confused
No idea
What 2 do
What will
become of me
2 separate things

Looking in2 this
Stop to wonder
What has put me
In this sunder
Is it the attention
Did I mention
True intentions
Reaching in2 memories
There’s always 2

Tell you everything
Deepest song I sing
Breathing so deeply
Eyes closed gently
Intertwined fingers
Praying you see me
Cause I can see you
Admiring all you do
Deeply love you
Stay loving 2

Mirror showing me
Different things
That I’ve never seen
Reflecting back 2 me
All my insecurities
Constant reminder
Why I need you
Only one that’s
with me
Just us 2

AM 28 Apr – Praying
At stars,
Counting infinity endlessly
Kneeling gently

About things
Wishing peace hopelessly
Lying still

Around streets
Hugging full energy
Feeling softly

Still peace
Counting blessings joyfully
Standing tall

Hollow Being
PM 27 Apr – Hollow being
The past relentless pain
Trials of travesty
Nothing left in me
Hollow being

Hollow being
Transparently clear
Imperfection’s solitude
Nothing within me
Seeds anchoring me

Watching wind blow
Feeling lights energy
Encapsulated in this human
Trapped in its history
Hollow being

Hollow being
Witnessing life’s curse
Living unwillingly
Prevented dreams
Real tragedy

Monday Morning
AM 27 Apr – Monday Morning
Monday morning
feels like I’m starting all over again
Having this faint feeling
Opening up my mind to you in ever possible way
No secrets, no deceit, just me every day
But the more we talk, the more I wonder
Now my mental state is shifting
Building, uplifting.

Monday morning
The weekend is over
But it was really just the beginning
Of something that had more meaning
It became a daily need, a desire
Like an innate ability
Just needed you near me
Still keep those first notes you left for me

Monday morning
Always a slow start
Prioritizing the priorities
Identifying what I’ll give my time to
What I will ignore, that’s never you
No matter how mature I strive to be
Revert back, like a childhood crush
Hoping that you choose yes for me

Monday morning
And the sun is trying to shine
And I’m trying to get started
Trying not to whine
But why aren’t you here
Why I need to plead
What I gotta do
So we can stay all day in this bed

the night I
PM 26 Apr – the night
Slowly sounds are silenced
The birds song ends
Motors sound further away
Gently blown leaves rustle
The darkness subdues the night

Stars mapping the sky
How does my star shine
Contemplating the ending day
Sighing regrets
Thoughts consuming me

The thinnest line of a new day
Piercing the sky
The bird song begins
Sound replenishing high
Day is nigh

AM 26 Apr – Manifestation
Say the word and it’s reality
Simple childhood wishes
Adolescent dreams
New entry goals
Mid life crisis
Grandchildren licenses
6 feet under
Manifested Reality

Speaking powerfully with no control
No control over time
No control in this place
Yet I still spoke with powerful grace

All the things I’ve asked for, came to pass
Yet, still in this wooden box
In a concrete case with 283 cubes of dirt on my face.

Could never just be in the moment,
so I lost every moment.
Always manifesting toward the future,
missing every gift of the present.
In the end.
It’s just the end.
Got everything I wanted
and still have nothing.

AM 25 Apr – D.E.A.R.
Divinely, we are focused with love
Driving every minute toward Love
Diligently discovering new ways to love

Everlasting desire for sustainable love
Everything about us is love
Evermore shall we be joined in love

Affectionately determined to realize Love
Ambitiously seeking daily love
Abundantly filling your heart with love

Relentless pursuit of infinite Love
Righteous protection of love
Rigorous perfection of love

AM 25 Apr – Deep Into You
Cannot eat a thing
Cannot sleep a wink
Stuck here in nowhere
Because you’re not here
I need to see you
Deep into you

Every time I’m not around you
Get this insatiable craving to see you
Trying to avoid it, swallow my ego
But there’s no way I can let go
Holding on to each memory
And they’re all about you and me
Starving for a chance even to smell you
If you don’t know let me tell you
I woke up the other day
Fresh from dreaming all about you
Swore to God you were here
Checked every room up in here
And then I knew
Deep into you

I was fiending so bad
You telling me not to be mad
Frustrated, cannot see you
All I can do is fantasize
Need to see you with my eyes
Feel like I’m losing my mind
Unlock the phone, call you
You still not there
Social media please save me
Looking at all your post
Trying to find you
Can you feel that I’m feeling you
It’s how I truly knew
Deep into you

Don’t even know what I would do
Now that I see you
Even in my own mind
Become hypnotized
Stuck in this forever moment
Wishing for the perfect moment
Reality, could it be?
Watching you so softly
Words are missing
What is happening inside of me
Waited for this for so long
Tongue is tied, what is wrong?
Hands so unsteady
Deep into you

PM 24 Apr – Thinking about you
Each day, no matter the plan, my mind shifts
Like moving sand I cannot escape,
Easily drawn to the same space
Thinking about you.

Its evil’s passion with unyielding desire
Observing the flow of an evening wine
Lounging, easily releasing, the days time
Thinking about you.

Deeply entrenched, innocuous moves
Driving toward the precious mooned night
Elegant touch, gentle wind, just…
Thinking about you

Feeling you, feeling this
The ending day with the deep embrace
Morning word with real words
Thinking about you.

AM 24 Apr – HOPE
I still remember you from childhood days
That constant feeling you gave on Xmas days
Anxiety deafening every move that was made
That hope, that constant hope you made.

You are always there in the strangest way
Regardless of how I feel, showed me the way
When you’re not around I struggle to make sense
Ambivalent traversing life like a 6th sense

Closed my eyes and see you there with pride
In the midst of the pain striving for that pride
The future of this abyss leaves me yearning peace
Traversing this void no short cut to this peace

Yet, I’m still here, energy drained, still need more
Striving again to see you once more
I miss you, that newness, that hope
That anticipation, and realization, I need that hope

PM 23 Apr – Everywhere I go
Everywhere I go,
have this thought of you next to me
Sounds Crazy, I know it’s a fantasy
It’s just that when my mind is on you
Every dream in my life comes true
Cannot imagine what it would be like
If I didn’t have you in my life
Everywhere I go
I think about how you would react
Imagine your voice as we interact
The world pressing down on me
And you are there mentally
That internal presence, comforts me
Blessed to have you right beside me

Everywhere I go
Always want you to know
You are always with me
This love our destiny.
Everywhere I go
Always want you to know
You are always with me
This love our destiny.

Everywhere I go
This storm has me raddled and torn
Sinking slowly, treading, this ain’t helping me
But my heart and mind are locked in
Cause I have my best friend
Blackest pit, Darkest cloud
I hear your love
It’s so loud
Everywhere I go… our destiny
Everywhere I go… our destiny
Everywhere I go… our destiny
Everywhere I go… our destiny

Everywhere I go
Always want you to know
You are always with me
This love our destiny.
Everywhere I go
Always want you to know
You are always with me
This love our destiny.

AM 23 Apr – Every
Every word
Every lyric
Every song
Every poem
Every sound
Is for you…

Every idea
Every thought
Every vision
Every dream
Every mission
Is for you…

Every touch
Every interaction
Every moment
Every step
Every kiss
Is for you….

Every breath
Every sigh
Every inhale
Every exhale
Every gasp
Is for you….

Every cry
Every cringe
Every frown
Every pain
Every mood
Is for you….

Every mile
Every flight
Every city
Every country
Every place
Is for you….

Every day
Every night
Every season
Every weather
Every reason
Is for you…

PM 22 Apr – When It’s Raining
My sun went away
Hidden so far away
Life just ain’t the same
When it’s raining.

Restricting my moves
Mind lost in stillness
Where is that peace
When it’s raining

Laying here still
Hate being still
Accomplishing nothing
When it’s raining

I just keep this thought of you
Real subtle scene just me and you
Rain becomes comfort, because I love you
When it’s raining.

AM 22 Apr – I Wish
I wish I could make you smile
Even for a small while
While you take a break
From this reality
And just enable you
To touch Peace
Feel the earth
With heavens grace
Wishing you the best
In every case

I wish all your dreams true
Beyond the fantasy of you
Truly true happiness in all you do
Showing the release
That pain holding you
Like I can see it grab you
And nothing I can do
Watching, listening, paralyzing
All this, just keep trying

I wish with God’s grace
You can see that place
That place created for you
God’s gift to you
Enjoying life, grateful prayerful
Loving to breathe freshness of air
Living free, God isn’t fair
Painless life is not guaranteed
Its really the balance of things
Yet to be

I wish with all I hold dear
If I could whisper in your ear
I’d give this one thing to you
All the love I could fathom Come true
Regardless of what we’ve been through
Striving to prove love for you
Manifested in our relationship
Forged through faith
Do whatever it takes.

PM 21 Apr – Sunshine

Can I be that sunshine?
Can I give you energy when it’s dark?
Can I be your morning spark?
Can I lift you up and let you shine?

Sunshine when you weak
Sunshine when you can barely speak
Sunshine when you are down
Sunshine when no one else is around.

Can I be that sunshine?
Can I be that warmth?
Can I help you get unstuck?
Can I be that peace of mind?

Sunshine when you hungry
Sunshine through your misery
Sunshine nice and gently
Sunshine and chill

Can I be that sunshine?
Can I be your word?
Can I soothe what hurts?
Can I call you mine?

Can I be that sunshine?

AM 21 Apr – Instinctively
Don’t need a deep explanation,
Long winded stories don’t aid the cause,
Don’t waste moments with endless metaphors on phone calls,
Don’t say a thing,
I know you…Instinctively

Bonded, through an intangible past,
Slowly exhale, eyes gently closing, just to let it last
Subtly unfolding deep rooted history
Don’t move a muscle,
I feel you…Instinctively

Thoughts racing through this day,
Trying to mend my cape and be on my way,
Yet I know, know sincerely, I cannot solve this mystery
Please believe me, this too shall pass,
I love you… instinctively

20 Apr – I ❤️that
That word …
That tone….
That answer…
That phrase…
I ❤️that.

Your spirit…
Your smile…
Your laugh…
Your style…
I ❤️that.

Our talks…
Our connection…
Our expression…
Our reflections…

PM 19 Apr – ONLY Guarantee
Every so often I go through these phases.
About all the times I complained about,
Not always willing to accept
What God protected me from
Mortality seems so far from me
So I have to this fake belief
that I control destiny
Always see death thinking
it won’t happen to me
In life, that’s the ONLY guarantee.

Everything is a what if,
Unknown reasons have me in disbelief
That this is where I’m suppose to be
As if, one, two or even three
Previous decisions would make a better me
As if, there is but ONE of the billions of people
That does not have a single problem
As if, there is one decision
for the ONE of billions
that could have solved them
We are all on the same destiny
The ONLY guarantee

Waking up grateful
for where I am at today.
Making a choice for peace
in my own way
Learning to become more resilient
Seeking patience in what I do
Just accepting what I have been through
There is always more to do
But it is important to realize
There’s a limit to random things to do
Spending time on so many things
But, do they lead to any generational things
How will the seed not even planted
Benefit from where you are standing
No matter how much it’s decorated
Along way There is finality,
the ONLY guarantee.

AM 19 Apr – Untouchable Reality
Getting higher on some different shit
it’s from all the difficult shit
That fuck it shit
It made me stronger than I am physically
Leaping cross chasms cold and dingy
It’s just that untouchable reality.

When I found out what God created for me
It no longer mattered that my daddy left me
Everything gotta focus on the people around me
Diligently savage, articulately ravage, violently
I use it to power insatiability
It’s just that untouchable reality.

Sanity is kryptonite on a lonely night
The pain I lavish every night
Fuels the paramount of that full moon night
Gritted up, pondering strangers mentally
Pockets empty, miss that job I pimped easily
It’s just that untouchable reality.

PM 18 Apr – High in them clouds
High in them clouds things are just different.
There is a different feeling,
a different way of being.
Trapped 35,000 feet in the air,
yet free as the air.

High in them clouds the horizon undisturbed.
I can see the end of the earth.
Just glowing and being without a thought in this world.
Limitless thoughts and feelings.

High in them clouds thoughts are more focused,
breath is easier to take.
There is serenity moving 400mph without a step to take.

High in them clouds floating through the harsh breeze.
Seeing the peace of Earth God created.
Without human intervention.
Everything is related.

18 Apr – Trying to Write It Out
If I could write out everything, maybe it would be something new to sing. The stories of the past weigh on me. Never found anyone to share with me. Everyone wants me to solve their problems, but what do I do about my problems.

Trying to Write It Out.
The pain.
Lost dreams.
Unfulfilled hope.
Small things.

Embarrassed for you to know everything I do is not in control. A lot of gut reactions, just so happens to turn out right for someone else. But for me the gut reactions don’t have the same results. I just endure day to day, that’s all I can say.

Trying to Write It Out.
The pain.
Lost dreams.
Unfulfilled hope.
Small things.

Never had a good day in my life. Moments of smiles since I was a child. People promising fake beliefs, the disappointment turned me really mean. It’s easy to smile, it hides everything. Now I do not believe what people say. People just say shit to get you out the way.

Trying to Write It Out.
The pain.
Lost dreams.
Unfulfilled hope.
Small things.

Cannot spend my whole life in complaints. So I just keep the train moving. Pretending day to day, accepting that people believe everything is “Ok”. Then I noticed people just accept what they want to believe and what’s really going on will remain unseen.

Trying to Write It Out.
The pain.
Lost dreams.
Unfulfilled hope.
Small things.

PM 17 Apr – Wishing you awake
Wishing you awake
So I could talk to you
Just need to speak with you
Your voice, my respite
Too much anguish

Wishing you awake
If I could touch you
Just need to feel you
Your touch, my tranquility
Too much despair

Wishing you awake
If I could look into your eyes
Just need to be hypnotized
Your brows, my sanity
Too much mystery

Wishing you awake
If I could just tell you
Just need to be in you
Your energy, my energy
Too long feeling empty

AM 17 Apr – Letting Go
So long a part of me,
that now I find energy from misery.
It’s a daily affirmation making and checking
the gates and walls keeping that hidden pain hidden.
Muscle memory is stronger,
I can fight not much longer.
People impressed at the rudimentary shit I do
cause they don’t know I’m never letting go.

Brick and mortar use to be torture
as I modified techniques just to remain unique,
so common enemies could walk right past
without a thought of the hidden vulture.
Death constantly looming,
watching my moves
wondering why I spent so many hours
protecting mental heirlooms.
Death didn’t know I’m never letting go.

People keep mentioning this place that’s free.
Speaking of earth
like it’s really heaven if I could only see.
Each day that triumph and disaster
I see completely changing destinies.
where is their fortress,
where is their shield
how can they exist not knowing
how to manage life’s unexpected tendencies.
What would they be
if they really knew that I’m never letting go.

The past is the only teacher we have.
There is an illusion that there is good and bad.
The response to that which is gone is the changing fad.
A culture of social dictatorship
enforcing how you must feel
and what you must do.
But what if,
the answer is just in you.
Picking and choosing what to include and exclude
not the solution,
the mastery of managing the response is the revolution.
Letting Go.

PM 16 Apr – Everyday Crush
Everyday a good morning
Only cause I say it to you
Have to admit
Got a crush on you
Love to check on you
Love the pic
I saw of you

Everyday that picture
It inspires me
Staring into your eyes
Like the high school me
This crush is real
Trying to make you see
I need you always with me

Everyday you feel good
I feel good too
When you’re in pain
I feel that pain too
If you can’t figure out
I gotta crush on you
Do it all for you

Everyday I remember
That very first day
I can see the whole scene
It plays out so slowly
Seeing your face
And I just knew
I was on the chase

Everyday I think
What did I do
Time passing in a blink
Am I doing enough for you?
If I had time back
What would I do for you?
Make sure you knew
That I love you.

AM 16 Apr – Nothing to say.
Nothing to say.
Nothing at all.
Just wanted to do something.
Something to excite you.

Hoping deeply.
With all I got.
That when you get notified.
It will get you hot.

There are no words here.
On this page is my heart.
Sending my emotion.
Pushing my beliefs.

Being Right Here
Right Now
Giving it your all.
Making someone complete.

Cause I got……
nothing to say.
Nothing at all.

PM 15 Apr – Courage
Courage in the brightest of the light
There are no mysteries in sight
Proudly standing in the creation
Braced for the impact of destruction

Courage through the intimacy of evil
Holding on by sheer will
Face stern in this adversity
End of the struggle, I’m still me

Courage like a mountain against the wind
Everything done for the win
Fighting through it, made for it
Will strong as oxen, paid for it

Courage strengthened resiliency
Please do not test me
Staying ready to explode
All it takes is one more episode

AM 15 Apr – How can I be free?
Never known freedom
Heard of people pretending they free still depending on others for their livelihood and liberty.
How can I be free?

Walking this earth
With a name to constantly reinforce my dependency. Cannot farm the land. Cannot raise the livestock. Cannot source any water.
How can I be free?

I’m the midst of bureaucracy
Tricking myself to love stories of fantasy instead of the reality I see. Stuck pursuing humorous ideas instead of healing peoples fears
How can I be free?

Knowing all that I know
My inner desire is to create replicas of me lost in their own unrealistic fantasy. Perpetuating the lie. That I am free. If Freedom is not free.
How can I be free?

14 Apr – DEMONS
Got so many demons
Of shit
Like people leaving
And shit
When people stay around
I’m out
That shit

Only thing I’m use to
Is being alone
So when the house is full
It don’t feel like home
Feeling alone
Just being me

People in my life
Stay reaching out
And if I knew they’d stay
I would reach on out
Reality different for me
Keeping distance
Plain as you can see

Treat everyone
Based on the pain of the past
It’s how I’m built
This wall will last
Got me before
Ain’t happening no more

13 Apr – Of… For … In… PEACE
Gritting teeth in anger
The irritating grind
Consumed in this
Labyrinth of unachievable peace
Longing for existence
In the reminisce
Of the derivative of peace

Struggling feverishly
Treading for understanding
Overwhelming circumstances
Wondering if there is a peace
Searching constantly
Consistently pressing
Probing for peace

Slowly setting sun
As if the world just begun
Seeing life in your presence
Believing that there is a peace
Closing eyes gradually
Holding on to final memories
Reality exist in peace

12 Apr – Beginnings
Waking early each morning
Struggling with this deep yearning
Another day without you
Repetitively I’m missing you
Must feel that sensuality
Loving you Completely

Throughout every hour
Derivatives of power
Show you this flower
Petals of seasonal life
Inconsistent levels and strife
Longing for your eternal life

Day after Day I’m feeling
Time after time this feeling
Building, emotions so high
Sensitive to the shadow’s cry
Discovering built up energy
Kinetically growing Exponentially

Another night ending
All I have is pretending
Wishing for hope’s dreams
Praying for grateful things
Loving old endings
Realizing new beginnings

11 Apr – Omega Land
At an early age, hoping for royal purple days
Opening my eyes in the old gold sun,
Praying to be bonded with the Sons of Thunder.

The bond forged by a lighted thunderous night
Young men rising intently focused on the light
Striving against the darkest pit in pursuit of right.

Fourscore and four years of patience held me still
Enduring blazing sand with nothing but will
Blood, sweat and tears the only skill

Enlightened from heavens gracious touch
Destined to prevail ill fated circumstances
Longing the reward of Omega Land

10 Apr 20 – A Tear
First time I could see you
The real you, unfiltered view,
World pounding on you,
So much to bear
Released in a tear.

Inappropriate to wipe from your eye
Feeling your pain, anguish to cry
Compensate, end this lie
Encouraging that we clear the air
There no room for a tear.

Striving to see you
You making reasons, avoiding this season
Knowing everything in you
Brings me closer, feel your despair
Please no more tear.

Last tear, cause it’s tearing me apart
Trying these words, all I can do
Doing what I can I want to meet you
Look in your eyes to ease your fear
Let me speak away that tear.

09 Apr 20 – Dearest Me
Dearest me
Deep breath
You are more than what you seem.

Dearest me
Stop right here
Realize you are what you were made to be

Dearest me
Close your eyes
Those old day dreams, now they’re reality

Dearest me
Pause and consider
Remember when the next meal was a dream

Dearest me
Be grateful
Everything you asked has been laid for you

Dearest me
Time to celebrate
Turn around, reflect, watch those grinding footsteps

08 Apr 20 – Loving Love
Not sure when that feeling hit
Can’t remember how I got in this shit
That longing of the endless dreams
Chasing everything it seems
Anticipating that want of bliss
Right before the first kiss
From the stars above
Loving love

Immaterial though it maybe
I believe with everything that’s in me
Love is the purest purity of the darkest night
Love is that victory in a midst of plight
Selfishly it is a punishing reminder
Human tendencies can’t find her
The duality of pain and defeat
That void of feeling underneath
From the night above
Loving love

Yet infrequent openings of the heart
Lead forgetful minds to the same damning start
If only love were love without a love
Then maybe, loves pain we’d never hear of
But that loving love we seek,
It’s only promise is to make us weak
Somehow we forget who we are
Somewhere we lose what has brought us this far
If only. If we could.
If loving love were the cure

07 Apr 20 – Prayers For Me
William G Bryant
Grandfather of 7 birds, in his own words
The king led us to one vision Family for life
But when he lost his life we lost the vision
What meant more to me
There was always a prayer for me

Land is all you got in this world
You have to defend it til the end
But in the end we squabbled over who would make the decisions
couldn’t managed, land abandoned, that was the end
There was always a prayer for me

Always have somewhere to lay your head
Make sure there was a woman to keep you fed
Wasn’t until I was years in, I understood the wisdom of the sin
There was always a prayer for me

Strong heralding voice reaching the heavens
The whole house could hear
Praying the sacrifices of predecessors would guide me through the years
Building in me such a worldly view
There was always a prayer for me

The lesson I learned is the lesson I give
Speaking abundant life into my own kids
Describing the Picasso of their life
Enshrining in their soul that we only have one life
There was always a prayer for me

There were no more powerful words as these “I am proud of you grandson” before and after every single greeting. Each talk. Each walk. Each ride. Each day at the beach. There was nothing stronger than King Bryant, so blessed he put that strength in me.
There was always a prayer for me.

06 Apr 20 – The Perfect Choice
It’s Something, it’s that connection
Leading me to reflection
Remembering every innocuous interaction
Even without happy ending satisfaction.

Without you, the apocalypse of fears
In the silence of lonely night’s tears
Excitement at thought that you’re near
I’m Begging, I’m pleading for the rest of your years

Subtle glance at your silhouette
Plotting deeply to get you wet
Intensely loving into a sweat
Your deepest needs, I’ll never forget

It’s something, it’s your voice
Speaking this soliloquy until you are moist
Your gentle Honesty leads me to rejoice
It’s just that you are the perfect choice.

05 Apr 20 – Open
Smelling flowers I cannot see
Believing in unfathomable things
Achieving beyond my dreams

Fault’s unique abilities
Failure’s new opportunities
Fall’s strengthening necessity

Hugging tightly
Bonding gently
Loving blindly

04 Apr 20 – Praying
Prayed for rain, now I’m standing in mud
Really thought I knew what I wanted.
It was dry and barren.
Thought I just needed to be caring.
Confidently I knew the way,
now that rain drained my day.

Praying, for what I want.
Praying, for what I need.
Is praying the answer,
or should I just wait patiently.

Prayed for strength,
now I’ve lost my compassion
Really thought if I could just be stronger,
I could make it last much longer.
Now it’s gone,
but so too is the passion.
Now I can’t feel anything,
just the weight of this strength.

Praying, for what I want.
Praying, for what I need.
Is praying the answer,
or should I just wait patiently.

Prayed and prayed,
but I’m still in need.
Got every single thing that I’ve prayed for,
yet I’m empty.
Learning to accept and manage,
instead praying for greener grass.
It’s all just an illusion,
and this too shall pass.

Praying, for what I want.
Praying, for what I need.
Is praying the answer,
or should I just wait patiently.

03 Apr 20 – Blessing For Me
Everyday is a new blessing for me
Not talking about waking up or what I see
Talking about that new energy
That new passion, pushing through life’s uncertainty
It’s about that new idea seeded inside of me

The conversations are a blessing for me
Encouraging the moves and flexibility
Being open to a new possibility
I was the shit, but that was the old me
This is a new grind a way of life to see
Everything about us feels me abundantly

The excitement is a blessing for me
I don’t get up I race up like the Grand Prix
I’m screaming, I’m yelling, filling my body
Gotta make use of this blessings bounty
Got my strategy cranking out objectives daily
I’m grinding, persevering abundantly

02 Apr 20 – Depth
Depth of eternity
Discover my sanity
Peace ignores me
Evaded positivity
Attracting empty

Darkness surrounding
Doubt engulfing
Downwardly pressing
Inevitably breaking
Brace destroying

Hope dissolved
Freedom evolved
Faith concentrated
Love incinerated
Light faded

Striving bounty
Screaming loudly
Brightening cloudy
Thinking profoundly
Standing proudly

01 Apr 20 – She is my sister

She is my sister
If you could only comprehend
Wait give me a minute, help you understand
Bond strong enough to pull dreams through atmospheres
Wait, listen here,
I’m saying bond guaranteed like death is to life
I’m saying I can depend on my kids life
Without strife

She’s my sister.
She is my sister

Don’t think this on some sensitive thing
You do her wrong, have your family in the church doing that old negro spiritual She call, On the first ring I’m answering
She text, I respond instantaneously
There is no hesitation no wavering
She speaks to me on that maturity thing
A constant reminder to maintain that responsibility thing
She’s on that “alright now…”
like abracadabra my whole disposition change

She’s my sister
She is my sister

Can’t tell you, since she moved from Philly,
How much I miss her
Only the speed of sound away,
But there’s something to having your sister at the speed of light away
Now we bond through exercising, she running, I’m cycling.
Quick likes to know we still persevering
Now we speak through stanza and prose
She the only one that can inspire me on that deeper lyric.


Copyright 2019 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved