Published Works

Encouragement from family and close friends, led me to self-publish a book in June 2020 titled Fatherless. Engulfed in a global pandemic, writing provided a means to share thoughts, concepts and beliefs that allowed me to remain at Peace. Seeing that peace was just a pen stroke away, I have never stopped writing….

The Heart Never Lies….

Othello finds himself in a predicament trying to rationalize his hearts intent with truth and justice.

Shared Dreams

Shared Dreams are a group of short stories evaluating different aspects of life from a first person perspective.


The Love Is series continues with “WANT to be FREE.”

Love is complicated with different perceptions and reality that exist individually within each of us. Khalil Kweli becomes the love interest of an ex-girlfriend. The option to take advantage of this unique opportunity is amplified as Khalil is managing an unfulfilled marriage. The window to break his wedding vows opens with his wife traveling thousands of miles away on a business trip. Khalil’s desire grows daily trying to decide on the pain of a current love versus nostalgia of old love.


Finally Free is a discovery of the travesties in America using heroic sonnets. It chronicles the actions, feelings and emotions of a man struggling to manage life that is no longer his own. Without any true path, he finds strength in hope, even when all hope is lost. Kidnapped and enslaved, yet he finds the means to survive through the harsh and violent American South in 1864.


Love Is, Volume 2: Intricacy of Love, provides a collection of love based experiences from different perspectives. We all want to believe that love would be different “IF” ….

If we did something differently. If we were in a different scenario. If we had one more chance to make it right.

Othello provides us all a glimpse into what life could be like, IF we made different decisions with love. Love Is so many different feelings and emotions to different people at different times. Love Is Unexpected. Love Is Vengeful. Love Is Relentless. Love Is Painful. Love Is Spiteful. Love Is Patient. Love Is Unconditional. Love Is Real. Love Is Peace.


Love Is is a poetic experience, that walks through the concept of committed relationships from that first memorable moment. Feelings mature differently through each trial and tribulation to the realization that love is an emotional and physical state of being continual being. Love exist through an unwavering belief in Love.


CoSurvivor is a battle of understanding the direct impacts of the Breast Cancer diagnosis on patients, as well as those that travel the journey with them. There are very limited open forums, where those that are on the sidelines have as a respite.

Where we congratulate and celebrate the ringing of the bell for the survivor, the CoSurvivor is left in a state of awe. With a deep emotional feeling, questioning, Is this really over? CoSurvivor is the journey of a young couple battling with this gripping diagnosis. They endure the agony, the treatments and the lingering feeling that it is not yet over. There is hope, but even that seems fleeting in the moments of constant speculation that the cancer could spread without notice.


Fatherless is a reflection of a journey navigating life without a consistent male role model. Escaping the stereotypes, still left unresolved scars. Fatherless is a commitment to reach beyond history, allowing future generations to exist without the psychological affects of constant abandonment.