Just then I thought my life had changed. I mean it was there, everything, I could hear it in her voice. I could see myself intertwined in the stories of her past.  It was meant to be, wasn’t it?

Everyone has that one.  That one that brings energy to your spirit.  That one that makes you smile with just a “hey” in the tone that goes straight to the dome.  It was there. I knew it. Right in front of me.  It was meant to be, wasn’t it?

Living without her won’t be an issue. It would be a tragedy, can’t you see.  When your energies and frequencies naturally operate collaboratively.  But it’s all a fantasy, because I’m not able to see her reality.  It was meant to be, wasn’t it?

Loving differently is a strange thing.  Cause you somewhere get trapped by your past, although it never last, it’s your foundation and can absorb your motivation, until you are just existing in thirst. It was meant to be, wasn’t it?

Yall know what I mean when you enter the scene.  It feels like de ja vu, is someone tricking you?  Is this too perfect to be true? What the fuck can I do? I need that commitment to make it intimate, then I would really know… if it was meant to be.

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