A Daze

A Daze
Alone in this minute,
alone for hours,
but not a second passed.
I see the clouds on the move,
trees & leaves giving way,
yet I’m stuck in the past.
Wishing time didn’t exist,
in which love I wouldn’t miss.

Hearing words I know,
a normal melody,
but can’t understand a sound.
I’m bound.
People yelling my name.
But nothing will change.
I don’t make a move.
Cause I know they ain’t talking bout me.
They calling that dude I use to be.

Lost in a world,
but it wasn’t meant for me.
I’m just lucky to be here,
can’t you see.
The trouble I face,
the pain I feel,
it’s manifested unnaturally.
I’m tryna live,
that’s a lie,
just existing trying not to die.
Just here.
In this moment in time.
Suffering for every dime.

Where are my dreams.
My Fantasies.
All I accept is misery.
Every breath could be my last.
Is this really where I want to be.
I heard of happiness,
like a mythical creature.
It’s rarely seen,
people talking about this experience that use to be.
Where’s mine.
My time.
Where’s mine.
My time to shine.

Stuck in a daze.
mind on craze.
Lost in time.
Lost in my mind
Just stuck

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved