Chance Encounter

Slowly moving, it’s the gentle groove, it’s soothing
Walking past everything in life,
Then Straight in my path, jawn with hella ass,
Sundress lightly flowing, revealing wind bout to sin

Trying to connect with her eyes, will she see my lies,
eyes connect, smiles exchanged, what’s next
Too old for game. I just need to know your name.
I need to know, where we about to go.

Conversation for hours, why was I even here
Can’t remember shit, cause my focus is right here
As we vibing, we getting hungry, Thinking on the fly
Cause I don’t want to lose her.

We talk, a slow walk, more talk,
Asian foods, was making a mess, not rude
Wiping sauce off her lips, she didn’t even flinch
Knew right then, this was a win.

Talking with this stranger, not wanting to end,
Now its dawn, I need to know when, when can I
See her, when can I touch her, can she even imagine I love her.
Just a chance encounter.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved