This breeze, blowing through a blue sky day
No clouds, with slow memories drifting past my way
Years of days traversing this earth, concentrated on bad decisions, indecisions wondering how much was truly taken from that circumcision.

Raising youth in the shadow I created. Moving life indiscriminately so they avoid things that I hated. Constant belief, experiences and knowledge won’t be enough, they will face life. Life, in its tumultuous phases bringing triumph and disaster with multiple faces.

Fighting through perceptions of generational legacies. Finding that one ray of sun with unlimited possibility. Learning through experience, my pain is the base. Praying their seeds are planted in a new place.

The vision clear. Success near. The joy upon their dimpled cheeks. It is just that moment of peace, that I’m longing to seek. Striving for tomorrow’s sun to witness us stronger than when this day begun.


Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved