Win baby WIN

Shit on my mind, got me buzzed, but not fucked up
All these past feelings from past decisions got me messed up
No matter how close to the present I am
The past won’t let me pass so here I am

Swear to God, I can hear my heart beating in this crowded place
Crazy shit is I’m surrounded by people and still in a lonely place
Trying to manifest a new way from a simple thought
All this education and opportunity was my escape or so I thought

Watching the sunshine right in front of my eyes from a cloudy view
Then I realize the sun is really shedding light on the shit for plain view
And I’m contemplating and relating and motivating myself
I can see the future through the past, I convince myself

Tomorrow is tick tocking, just a few hours away
All I’m doing is waiting, just wasting away
Was this the grand plan, was this how I’m suppose to win
Fuck this shit, need to break camp.. And win baby win.
Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved