Ride….. As far as possible.
There is no time or speed quest.
Just a feeling of emptiness.
Striving to have a mind clear of any premeditated thought.
Focused on spiritual oneness , aligning the mind to push the body past what it was taught.

Ride…..Far away.
Up a hill I know I cannot climb.
Chasing down the speeders staying right on their line.
Reaching eagerly for that point of exhaustion.
Pushing relentlessly until there is nothing left but the will to say hold on.

Ride…. Far into.
Into that bliss of nothingness where no one exist.
Just having hydrating liquids as my only salvation.
Feeling that physical pain.
Muscles tightening. All the while I get stronger and stronger.
There is nothing close to the spiritual awakening than challenging yourself beyond your own beliefs.

Ride …. Ride out of.
Out of the limits of world.
Into this community of individuals seeking the same euphoria of oneness with nothingness.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved