She’s my sister

My Sister
She is my sister
If you could only comprehend
Wait give me a minute, help you understand
Bond strong enough to pull dreams through atmospheres
Wait, listen here,
I’m saying bond guaranteed like death is to life
I’m saying I can depend on my kids life
Without strife

She’s my sister.
She is my sister

Don’t think this on some sensitive thing
You do her wrong, have your family in the church doing that old negro spiritual She call, On the first ring I’m answering
She text, I respond instantaneously
There is no hesitation no wavering
She speaks to me on that maturity thing
A constant reminder to maintain that responsibility thing
She’s on that “alright now…”
like abracadabra my whole disposition change

She’s my sister
She is my sister

Can’t tell you, since she moved from Philly,
How much I miss her
Only the speed of sound away,
But there’s something to having your sister at the speed of light away
Now we bond through exercising, she running, I’m cycling.
Quick likes to know we still persevering
Now we speak through stanza and prose
She the only one that can inspire me on that deeper lyric.