6ix Sense

6ix Sense
Just now understood the 6th sense
Everything just started making sense
Seeing life with a fictional lens
Non-Fiction don’t always end driving the Benz

Living in my fantasy life
Kept thinking happiness existed in every life
Wanted to believe in mystical things
Thought prayer and hope led to beautiful things

The sense of the 6th degree
Woke me up to the reality
People going to be who they are
Don’t believe in people’s words shit don’t go far

It’s a blessing to wake up from the dream
Tired of the tears hiding the scream
Seeing life with a new devotion, a stronger focus
Knowing what’s important without emotion.

That 6th sense was the answer so it seems
Remembering the past as a stranger
Things I thought, I know I didn’t really see
I just imagined shit that would never be

Eyes wide open the truth hurt
No one to blame that’s the shit that really hurt
Looking in the mirror, like is you insane?
Purposely hurting yourself like you don’t know your own name.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved