can’t live without IT

Can’t live without IT
Taking for IT granted
Sucking IT in
So readily Available
I unconsciously take IT
Without asking
Arrogantly consuming
Every single drop
I’ll never stop

Can’t live without IT
Never know it’s gone
Until I need IT badly
Feel like I’m dying from thirst
Scream IT proudly
Never had IT naturally
My entire life getting
Every drop from some pipe.

Can’t live without IT
But heard I could go a few days
But that pain that develops
Turns into a crave
IT starts driving me until
I’m driving to the craziest thing
Claim to be finicky until
That burden is upon me

Can’t live without IT
But at times I do try
Thinking I don’t have more time
Staying with IT like
I need to prove I don’t need IT
Then all of a sudden
IT just comes over me
And consumes me
Didn’t even know IT happened
Until IT has ended

Can’t live without IT
But I wish I could
Sacrificing everything in me
For peaks and valleys of happiness
Embraced in ITs clutches
Draining every last breath
Run from IT if I could
Struggle with and without IT
And always misunderstood