Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick
One day,
long ago,
I let my inhibition go
Never trusted anyone fully
not even my own self
Always maintain control
regardless of what I know
By the time I realized my guard was down,
My whole wall was knocked down.

Scrambled around tryna find each brick that fell
None was is sight.
No protection the new norm
Crawled around.
All around tryna find one,
major L
Nothing left to do but endure this mysterious storm

Each year around the sun,
my skin got tougher
Every month of the year,
my grit got tighter
The days of year,
found that street hustler
Ready to fight.
Ready to die.
That Stunner.

Building up.
Building strong.
Brick by brick.
Working hard.
Working long.
Brick by brick.
Striving far.
Striving deep.
Brick by brick.
This time is for me,
To build this wall again.