Opening a new…

Opening a new
Opening a new day
So much in me I need to say
You keep pressuring me
Waiting on something I cannot give
I can forgive you
But I will never forget
Every single day
That my heart
Was left out of place

Opening a new text
Badgering imagery
I’m like damn what’s next
If I give you my everything
What’s left for me
Cause when I need you for simple things
You nowhere to be seen
Yeah, you pretend
But are you truly my friend?

Opening a new email
You laid it out
In massive detail
What is it that you want me to say
I’m still here
Still doing what I always did
Even through all this pain
You keep pushing and pushing
Like you ain’t blame

Opening a new call
And you saying it all
How I ignore you
I don’t love you
the pain keeps me praying
So what should I do
When all I can do
Is Trust that you will always
Just be you