That night in London

The London lights, center of the world,
so much diversity and things to see.
Yet none of them lights are shining on you.
I don’t need different people and different views,
I just need you.

There is so much opportunity and possibility
of expression and occupation in a land so
elaborated with culture. But how can I enjoy
the beauty of artistic metaphors when
I’m here alone.
Longing to just need you.

The curiosity the night invokes.
The shadows hiding the physical and drowning out the spiritual.
Day lights limitations become nights celebrations.
Speaking spells in unfamiliar tongues tryna convince you
I just Need You.

Thoughts turn against me.
Evaluating this situation of uncertainty.
Got me believing in fantasy and mysteries,
wondering how that night in London will change me.
Change us.
Why can’t you understand
I just need you.

Copyright 2018 Sy Bryant. All rights reserved