Abused American

Abused American
I know I am suppose to apologize
With everything that was done
I want you to know that I understand
You had to do what you had to do
Because I must have done something
Something that I should not have done
And I should have known it
And I should just expect the punishment
Because don’t I deserve it
To be corrected
To be ridiculed
Because I love you so much
That I know you will never
Do me wrong
Abused American
For so long

Will you grant me leave?
Can I just say this one thing
In this one way
Can I share with you
Everything that I have been going through
Could you give me the opportunity
If I am down on one knee
If nothing else
Just to share in my humanity
Regardless of how I’m treated
Irrespective of how I feel
With a knee on my neck
All I ask for is an appeal
Is this so wrong
Abused American
For so long

For so long
Abused American
That is my true demographic
Waded in pools of blood
Angered by my treatment
When I try to speak the truth
And you treat me worse
Claiming I am being sarcastic
Struck down with every progress made
Institutionalized driven insane
Crying out because of the pain
Screaming because you beat me
You do not even know my name
I am only a reflection
Of the hate you give
Now that you are feeling it
You want me to forgive.

For so long
Abused American
Freed physically
But that didn’t really matter
Because you know
It was my mind you were after
Didn’t matter what city I went to
Didn’t matter what profession I obtained
The seed of subordination
Etched into every last name
There was no need to strike
Yet you do it repeatedly
I do not remember a single day
That you haven’t killed someone
That looks just like me
So I can no longer hang on
I can no longer turn my cheek
Vengeance is not for meek