A Gift

A gift
Until it became a curse
Remembering things
I should be forgetting
These things
Holding onto me
Focusing my mind
On ruthless things
Preventing me from living

A gift
Giving in hate
Hateful ways
Making grandparents say
Be careful out there
Like we in olden days
Why is hate used
In all types of ways
Love is too powerful to control
But hate can be manipulated
In so many ways
The catalyst of pain
Stop Brutality
Every Single day

A gift
When I get pulled over
Shouldn’t I just expect a ticket
Not sure what I did
Use to wonder
What was in it
But definitely as I grew older
Needed to be more controlled
All that confidence I had
Graduating with honors
Three different times
So needed that reminder
Who am I
Is more than in the mirror
In THIS society
Predicated on my skin
And its who I am

A gift
Receiving it with care
I’m not my forefathers
Nothing you can do or say
Will ever be fair
I know the routine
The agenda is repeated subtly
Promises of changes in different ways
The perception of ending evil days
Guarantees of funding
All these initiatives
With the illusion to be free

A gift
It’s what I claim life to be
Looking at it different presently
Feeling so different and indifferent
Ripping out the morality
The values and expectations
Those guiding principles
All the intricate interactions
Lost all satisfaction
Knowing in 9 minutes
It could all be finished