Time Will Come

Time will come

To face every fear

The pain and anxiety

Continually buried

Hundreds of years

Working toward a commonality

But that never included me

Yet I give praise

I have to say I’m blessed

The amount of diversity

That my family experienced

Loving people

That look nothing like you

Gives you hope

Enduring, all we’ve been through

Time will come

Refreshing in the day

Memorials of hate

Starting to be stripped away

Seeing statues removed

In the silence of night

Hauling you away

Like the violence of the night

When you hauled

So many brown faces

Into the torturous chambers

With sirens blaring

Claiming to Protect and to Serve

They even elected you mayor

The lies you kept blaring

Time will come

Like every seed planted

Eventually the earth

Providing nutritional value

And slowly start receiving

That we are of value

Leveraging every drop of rain

To wash away

Every spot of pain

Breaking through

Reaching with hands raised

Just don’t know

What else to do

Finally feeling it

Standing with a silent rage

Time will come

Over and over again

Seeing the fruits of labor

The original sin

Living within the confines

Of an illusive world

Recognizing the freedoms

That we claim are for we

Realizing they ain’t for me

Slowly starting to realize

Faded memories

Seeing people chased down

Beat down

Right in front of me

In hindsight

Thinking damn

What happened


That could have been me