You Right

You Right
You right
I could have been done it
But it is hard
When you
Go to sleep and wake up
Thinking about it
And the only thing
You can do is dream about it

You right
When I’m around you
I’m focused on you
Heart beat differently
When I’m around you
Catching my breathe
System in shock
Begging time to stop

You right
I create this illusion
Causing my own confusion
Making up things
Satisfying my own ego
So I dare you to let go
Knowing I could never
Let you go

You right
The irresistibly
It keeps beating me
Depending on pictures
When the mood hits you
Yet that is never enough
Not talking to you
It’s just too damn much

You right
I could have
Done it differently
But if I did
Would there be time for me
Selfishly I move decisively
Stealing time desperately
With all that’s left in me