A new day

New Day
Dawn is beckoning
Sun approaching the horizon
Beautiful glimpse
The illusion of a rising sun
Day is just begun
Anxiety feeding my emotions
Will I do enough day?
Will another life be taken away?
Will I prevent a senseless murder?
The day is heavy upon me
And I haven’t even washed my face

Sun rising
To a higher climb
And already I feel
Like I’ve been left behind
There is so much frustration
Every step is questioned
Will those sirens follow me?
Will they capture my last breathe?
What does this world have left for me?
Doubtful predicament
Misguided sentiments
Holding onto just one hope
Faith will heal
With this latest appeal

Sun blazing down
Hands raised up high
Voicing a thunderous sound
Speaking into existence
The very possibility
Imagining Justice & Equity
Will they allow it to happen?
What will America Need to Be?
So that we the people can be free
Lost in the knowledge of the truth
I learned about your hate
Read about your conquered existence
Felt first hand the power of your vengeance
But I can not fathom
After you gained your independence
Why you would rather hate
Hate at your core
Evil at your door
This is no cure

The sunset
Approaching curfew
Thanking God
For everything I’ve been through
Just thinking about today
Did I do enough in the right way
Was my voice heard?
Was the mission clear
Was I able to turn
One listening ear
Would God be proud of me today
So many emotions
In just one day.